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Information for New Students

CCIM education is the foundation upon which the CCIM designation is built and is the usual starting point for new students and candidates.

You may begin the CCIM education program with either the Introduction to Commercial Investment Real Estate course or with the gateway core course CI 101 - Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate. The course you begin with depends on your commercial real estate experience, educational background and existing study skills. If you are new to commercial real estate or have limited background in finance you may want to start with the Intro course. If you already have some experience in commercial real estate or have had some educational background in finance, you should be very comfortable making your first course CI 101 Financial Analysis.

If your goal is to earn the CCIM designation, we highly recommend that you register as a candidate member at the same time you enroll for your first course. Why? First of all, your course tuition will be significantly reduced as a candidate member (16% for in-class courses and over 18% for home study courses). Also, the candidacy application fee of $50 is waived if you apply for candidacy at the same time you enroll for a course, thereby further reducing your overall expenses. Most importantly, as a candidate member you will receive one elective credit for each year of continuously maintained candidacy up to a maximum of three elective credits. This will help you fulfill the designation requirements for earning the CCIM.

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