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Candidacy Questions

What is a candidate?

A candidate is a dues-paying member of the CCIM Institute working towards the CCIM designation.

Why should I become a candidate?

Candidates enjoy an assortment of benefits including:

  • Substantial savings on CCIM course tuition ($255 savings per course)
  • Exclusive access to the Site To Do Business (www.stdbonline.com), an integrated online resource that provides the tools, information and reports to effectively conduct business in today’s technology-driven environment
  • Subscription to Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine
  • Subscription to the online CCIM/Landauer Investment Trends Quarterly
  • Access to CCIMNet.com, the leading Commercial Information Exchange (CIE) for property listings and marketing
  • Complimentary copy of the CCIM Red Book (directory of CCIM designees)
  • Eligibility for local CCIM chapter membership
  • Personalized candidacy counseling and guidance
  • Elective credit towards the CCIM designation
  • CCIM post-designation education programs
  • Additional networking and referral opportunities

Candidacy is required to:

  • Register for the Fast Track Program
  • Submit the Portfolio of Qualifying Experience
  • Take the final Comprehensive Examination
  • Be awarded the CCIM designation

What is the annual candidacy fee?

The annual candidacy fee is $495. Candidates and designees pay the same annual dues. In order for candidates to take the designation exam, they must be dues paying members in good standing.

Download an application for candidacy here.


Designation Questions

What is the CCIM designation?

The CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation is a professional designation awarded by the CCIM Institute. Currently, more than 7,600 individuals hold this prestigious designation, with another 7,000 candidates pursuing the CCIM.

How do I earn the CCIM designation?

There are currently two programs to earn the CCIM designation:

General Candidacy Program
Program requirement include successfully completing the four core courses (CI 101-104), earning three elective credit hours; meeting the experience requirements and completing the Portfolio of Qualifying Experience; and successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam, as well as an Online Ethics Course. There is no time limit to complete this program.

The latest requirements for candidacy can be found by clicking here.

Fast Track Program
This accelerated program is offered exclusively to professionals who have earned the industry’s other preeminent designations: AACI, CLO, CMB, CRF, CPM, CRE, FRI, MAI/SRPA, RPA, SIOR. The program requirements include becoming a fast track candidate, completing the four core courses (CI 101-104) and passing the Comprehensive Exam. Please note that you have 24 months to complete the Fast Track Program.

Visit this link for more information on the two programs needed to earn your CCIM designation.

What is the annual designation fee?

The annual designation fee is $495. Candidates and designees pay the same annual dues. In order for candidates to take the designation exam, they must be dues paying members in good standing.


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